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General Questions

Q: How do I install it?

A: Instructions here

Q: Where can I find help?

A: A User Guide is included in the CarboniteReadMe.txt file that is in the Carbonite zip file you download. A Wiki is available with additional documentation. The forums also contain answers to many questions.

Q: I've installed the addon and I'm getting errors

A: While we have worked very hard to ensure Carbonite does not conflict with other addons, it is impossible for us to test against everything. If you are encountering problems you should disable all addons via the addon management button on the character select screen. Once you have confirmed the addon is running correctly slowly enable your other addons until the problem returns. Let us know the name and version of the addon that is causing the problem and we will look into the issue.

Q: How do I stop quest info from being sent to my party?

A: The setting "Broadcast Quest Changes To Party" is in the menu when you right click the quest list in the quest log. The quest options page in version 1.62+ also has this setting.

Q: I use Gatherer - where did all my data go?

A: Your original map exists, it is just hidden. Pressing Alt+m will bring up your original map and it should work as normal. Gatherer data can now be optionally shown on the Carbonite map when in maximized mode.

Q: I use xxx quest mod and now it's broken.

A: Carbonite provides a questing replacement; it is not designed to work with other questing mods. To avoid conflicts these types of addons should be disabled.


Our map does not replace Blizzard's minimap. The minimap tracking dots cannot be accessed from an addon and addons including Carbonite use the minimap border to put icons that are used to access various addon features. Some people put the Carbonite map below the minimap, so both can be easily seen at the same time. Version 1.02 added the option to combine the minimap with our world map which is on by default.

Compatibility - These are the addons that we have used or users have given us a report on.

Ark Inventory
Auctioneer (full suite)
Damage Meters
Recipe Radar

Replaces (these may conflict with Carbonite features)
Quest Helper

ActionButtonColors (by Nirriti) - Reported to sometimes stop our map from updating.
Arcanum - Lag moving inventory items.
beql - Errors turning in quests. Conflicts with our quest log.
Cartographer 3 - Conflict with our map, making some Blizzard default map text (BLAH) show on the screen.
GuildMap - Map flicker.
OneBag, OneBank - Reported errors opening bank. Works in our testing of latest version.
MetaMap - Zone selection conflicts between maps.

Questing or quest log changing addons will probably conflict with our questing features. Disable these types of addons to resolve the conflicts.


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