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Why confine yourself to one zone, when you can see the entire universe at once? Stop opening and closing the map, when you can see it all the time. Move, size or zoom it the way you like. Seamlessly view one zone to the next. Find your friends and guild members who have Carbonite at a glance. See common locations in town like innkeepers and flight masters. See where that quest objective is located. Survey a battleground like a general and issue orders right from the map icons. See if that tower only has 50 seconds to be destroyed, yet your team is not defending it. A teammate is taking a beating just over a hill? You'll know about it and be able to help, while others ride on by and miss the honor.

The standard map is replaced by a moveable, sizeable, always visible, scrolling window. The mouse wheel can be using to zoom out and see every zone in the universe or zoomed in to see just the detail you want. The normal map can still be accessed by pressing Alt-M.

POI - "Points of Interest" icons are shown for common locations like inns and mailboxes when the map is zoomed in close enough. The guide can be used to show other types of locations.

GPS-like tracking feature - If tracking is active, a line of arrows will be drawn from your location to the target. The map will also scroll and zoom as you move to give you the best view of you and the target. This can be disabled using the map popup menu.

Player Icons - See the locations of people in your party or raid. You can also see guild members, friends and any friendly players in your zone if they also have Nexus. The icons have health bars, combat status and their target's health bar. The tooltip also shows the name and health of their target.

Battleground Timers - See the Bunker, Tower, Graveyard and Flag timers in Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin.


This is a "heads up display" that shows a direction arrow, name, distance and ETA about your current target.

The HUD can be moved by clicking and dragging the text. Left clicking the arrow cycles between 5 different images. Right clicking changes arrow size. The HUD can be locked by using the main Nexus menu. The settings are saved for each character.


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