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The guide is an extensive list of game locations and general information. Find trainers, vendors, repair NPCs. Need an inn or flight master? What level is a zone or instance? Find it all and more. If it has a location, then click and see it on the map.

Open the guide by left clicking the Nexus icon, the map icon or setting a key binding for "Toggle Guide".

When a guide list icon is selected, such as a Flight Master, it will show an icon off that type on the map at each location where one exists. The map and HUD will then point to the closest one. Clicking on a name that is green will go into that category and the list will change to show what it contains. Click the back button to go back to a higher level. Right click to access the popup menu.

Trade Skill - Locations use for varies trades.

Trainer - Class, professions and secondary professions. Skill ranges are show.

Travel - Boats, portals and zeppelins.

Visited Vendor - The last 12 vendors you talked to and the items they had.

Gather - Herbs or ore that you gathered. The item names have the skill required to gather it.

Instances - The entry to each instance. The names have the level range and if it is a raid.

Zone - These icons will move the map view to their zone. The level range is shown with the zone name. The zones are sorted by level in the "All" category.

PVP - The locations of the Battlemasters.



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